How To Deal With Taxes As A Webcam Model

taxes as a webcam model

Those Damn Taxes!

No matter what field of work somebody works, even in webcam model area of work we have to have the income taxes. Some people ignore this or simply are not aware of it and they end up bad. It happened before and and may happen again if you don’t know exactly how to deal with taxes as a webcam model.

Any webcam model has to pay taxes on their own

Any income that you have you pay taxes for, the website that pays you will not do that for you and it will not be taken automatically from your earnings. No matter how much you make, if you work part time or full time, you are required to pay the taxes to avoid any future issues or even jail time. About how much you should pay it varies from one country to another and I can not give you the accurate info on that. You need to get an expert in your town to find out about the amount in more detail. All I can offer to you is the information about this subject that I gathered in the last two years working as a webcam model and paying the taxes accordingly.

Get a Local Expert and pay taxes properly

The best answers that one can give you on this subject is the local expert that you need to get contact with to aid you with all the necessary files and forms that you need. Like me you will firstly want to know how much exactly to you have to pay. As I said, each country has its own income tax regulations so a local expert will tell you exactly. To do this the proper way and to release yourself from a lot of stress you want to put aside the tax money on every payment that you receive. You will not want to be in the position  whereby the income tax season comes and finds you without the money you need. You will just create stress and decrease the quality of your performance, making things even worst than they already are.

Dealing With Taxes Is… (Not) Complicated

It is important to know, maybe some are more familiar with it maybe others not. You will NEED TO gather all your receipts of the things you pay within the area of your work and which are related to your work. If you earn 100$ per week and you spend 50$ to earn those 100$ than you will end up paying taxes for the 50$ left after you spent 50$ on products. The issue is that some of the things may be deducted from your overall income and some may not. To be sure that you will have enough money when the tax season starts you may not even take into consideration the amount of the receipts. It will be safer in the case you are not eligible for deductions based on the receipts. And, you may have more money at the end when all of your receipts are being deducted from your annual income.

Dealing With Taxes Needs Organisation

As a general advice not only in dealing with taxes as a webcam model, but for anybody, you may want to keep things organised. it will make things a lot less easier at the end for you and for your local expert. This may not be easy at first, but once you do it for a while you will get used with it. There are some things that you buy online and other things you buy from your local shops. Keep them in different places so you know exactly which and where. It will also help to not place them randomly and is better to place them by the date you have received them. It will make things so much easier at the end of the year. There are however, things that you can deduct from your income tax and things that you can’t. I always got deduction from the clothes, for the cosmetics, for the electronics, sex toys, and as well for the money spent in transporting these. Another thing that you may write off and it would be great if you live on a rent, is to get deducted for the room you are using to do your shows. If you pay 1000$ for your rent and the full house has 100 squares feet while the room you are working into has 50 squares feet, than it is possible you get a write off of the amount of money you pay for those 50 feet you use. You just simply calculate the money value by subtracting from the full amount of money you pay for the whole house the amount allocated for the room you work. If the room you work in is half of the house in square feet than you write off half of the rent you pay each month, but this happens rarely. The simplest way is to tell to your local accountant about this.

More Write Off’S You Can Get Working As A Webcam Model

Another more extreme deduction in the how to deal with taxes topic are the bills that you actually pay for running your PC and for accomplishing your work. In this category we may include the actual energy bill or even the heating system bill. In most cases you will not get anything out of these, but it is worth trying since you are spending money on these for your work as a webcam model. When you are taking your clothes off you will surely need to heat and therefore it is strongly related to your job. If you think about the internet service, this may not be seen as an actual deduction factor, it is something that pretty much every one of us has these days. But as a general rule you are actually using a more expensive service than you would had used if you were not working as a cam girl. So, as I said earlier, things will be more clarified once you have a long talk about these things with your local expert after you get one.

Last Thoughts About Taxes And Cam Girls

I am going to end this boring and long post by summarizing again the basic stuff you need to do after you read and before you make the decision of getting along with the taxes. Get advice of a local expert. Don’t be greedy and foolish. Save money for the taxes before the tax season comes. And stay as organized as you can. To take things further with the organization of your receipts you may want to keep track of them in a notebook as well. Write down all the money that you receive and spend to make things easier and safer in case someone audits you. You can make a nice table with different categories where you note down the price the date and the name of the product. Money received from clients goes in a column, money spent on outfits on another column, etc.

Read This Before You Get Naked For Money On Webcam Sites

What most people like in this kind of making money method is that you are not working face to face with your customers which keeps things more safe and more pleasant to the worker and sometimes to the client as well. The whole thing is old in the world on internet, but is new for the whole world and it promises to stay here for a long time with us to keep our incomes steady and high.

Steady may not be the best describing word as in this type of business you can earn as much as you aim for. As higher you aim as better you will get and maybe harder as well. A human’s strong desire and willing is the most powerful thing! What some people may not like about money making on the webcam is that you can be seen by friends while you are doing it. All my friends know about this and they do not judge me in a negative way because of it. Every job has to be respected and you also should respect what you are doing no matter what it is.

My Personal Advices On How Make Money On A Webcam

Take your time and pay attention to the smallest of the details and do not ignore any aspect of this earning method. After you are creating a new account on a paying website make a nice long intro in the description box, something that will make people interested in you and your style. Be creative and don’t underestimate these kind of things. High quality pictures are a must. Look professional create an appealing profile page and do not leave anything empty. Be descriptive and to the point. Make possible viewers to be interested in a private show with you. Think of it as your business card.

During the live shows you have to be in the appropriate mood and try to keep a constant feeling of professionalism. Don’t get too touchy with the visitors neither with the private clients. You have to look yourself as if you are not just your own boss, but also the ruler of the chat or of the private room. Some days are better some are the worst. You can’t control this in any way. The world of internet is not a mathematical constant and the flow of money may be different each day. Don’t let the amount of money affect your positive state. Even when you are not earning so well, you have to be positive about it and to show it.

Some clients may ask you to do various things. You need to have your own limits on what you can and what you cannot. This may affect your relation with the customer, but you need to respect yourself and not to be a money slave. It will make you feel good in the short run, but in the long journey it may affect you in a very negative way.

The most successful performers among people that make money on webcam sites are the creative people which come with new different stuff. What this means is to try and copy the top earners and add even more to the style, your own ideas could make a big difference. Don’t be afraid of trying new things. You never may know what could be a pandora box and make you the top earner.

At the beginning when you start working, you most likely come across a lot of step-backs that will make you give up. This is what makes the difference between a top earner and a low earner. Some people are earning only by trying to receive tips in the public chat. Some are only focusing on the private shows. Either way it could work, but it’s different when you have your own set of customers who pay you on a regular basis for private shows. Personally, I tried both approaches and the most reliable one it is the private show method. For this you have to set goals in your mind and manage you time as a pro.

Never Give Up

This is the most important rule of all businesses in the world. Whatever you set your mind to you have to go all in no matter what. If you are not willing to do whatever it takes to reach that goal, don’t even start in the first place. Take time and prepare mentally before you go into this kind of business. Plan everything even before you start, this will increase your confidence and it will make things easier in the future.

Like almost any other job, this one has its own risks. Unfortunately, there is no method of preventing visitors or clients to record your shows. This could be a frustrating thought, but hey, someone will really make money at the end of the day. You have to be aware that your nude photos and shows on these websites could at any time be found on the internet by anyone. You have to prepare yourself mentally for this.

When making money on webcam sites, some people prefer to cover their faces with hard make-up and wigs. Some are going even further and hide their faces with masks. I do not recommend any of these as they may highly damage your earnings. Make-up is a must to look nice on the camera, but too much is not appropriate.

How To Become Webcam Model – Wardrobe

The Basics

One of the things that you need to pay attention if you want to know how to become a webcam model is the wardrobe and the outfits that you choose to wear to gain attention and interest. Since you are in a sex related industry is not hard to figure it out. Putting something sexy on you it’s pretty much what everybody should now if she wants to be a webcam model. Something different and as I said, something that will make them to go into a private show with you. It also depends on the looks and style you have as a person. My wardrobe is very rich with various styles and outfits, but I have a couple of outfits that I wear in 90% of the cases. It also helps to not put too many things on you. The client may get bored when you are trying to undress or, it happens that you need to be for a show on a specific time and you are late because of the complicated outfit you choose to wear. One sexy bikini or short pants and a bra would be good enough to get you going. It is not only about the look, but also about the comfort that you have wearing them clothes. So try to make a balance between those two when selecting what you wear.

Moving a little further on this part on how to be a webcam model, you will also need more stuff different from the basic things that you decide to wear. When we talk about these extras we can go as far as the imagination can. There are no limits for the outfits you can think or the client. The problem is that you can’t just wear anything that a client would want you too. Some things may be acceptable and some may not, in terms of your limits and boundaries that you set for yourself. The most common ones may be the college student, the sexy secretary with glasses, the female police, etc. In my experience there are no limits for what the client can think of. Since there are so many possible options I would recommend to first see what clients usually request so that you know that you pay money on something that worth to buy. These are to be bought over time since we can’t really know what your clients would want you to wear.

become a successful webcam model

For example, if you are being asked three times from three different clients to wear the same outfit, than it is the time buy it. You can’t simply have all the outfits that you ever heard and waiting for them to be requested. On time you would earn more money with simple trick as you will be prepared to wear any outfit that a client may want. As a general rule in what you can do and what you cannot do, setting your own limits, the same goes with the outfit. You can wear anything a client wants. Either if it is to dress like a ruthless vampire or like an angel from heaven. One thing that I would not recommend is to focus on only one outfit. It is just an outfit and it should no be too complicated to try different types since it won’t harm you in any way. It may make you feel better, but it will bring a lot less revenue.

Important Things About Becoming A Webcam Girl (Cam Girl)

I started this post in the hope that I can help the new starters to know about the important things related to becoming a webcam girl.

NOTE: This are general things given as example and they should be treated as examples, as inspiration for your own ideas. They will not make you successful cam girl just by copying what I do!


Persona is the character that you choose to play in your performances, but in the same time reflects your personality as well. Knowing your limits and knowing yourself it will help you in creating your second character, your persona. Based on the qualities and poor factors of your real personality, you will be able to create your character. It may sound easy, but in fact it is a very hard process within which you will have to test various things and see which one works the best for you and which one you don’t like.

Some people have the impression that sitting in front on the camera and looking sexy will bring you the dollars. It is by far the most wrong impression about this type of job and this is not a good starting point in becoming a cam girl. With all the performers that are making money in this industry it is still impossible bot to find your own character to play during your performances. You need to come up with something a little different than what clients are used to. In my case, to be honest I kind of end up in being myself in front of the camera. You can bring on as well characteristics of your real personality to your online persona if you think this will help you.

You don not have to be afraid of trying new styles, new characters. In the end you will have the right knowledge on what works better for you and for the clients and what people are looking for. You can change on a regular basis the way you show yourself like your make-up, your outfit or your toys. You can not be on everyone’s tastes, you just have to fit yourself in a category that brings you the money you want and the satisfaction you want by not crossing your limits.

I can easily spell out some of the styles that I tried and I had to try on the request of the client. It is a high request for the young girls outfits as high school girls of college girls. You will also find that the milf character is pretty good or even sluts like character. The list can go on forever, there are no limits for a human’s fetishes. As a professional advice I recommend to not wear only one outfit, but rather wear different outfits regularly so that people will know that you are not good with just one thing. Sometimes it is better to wear something that does not appeal to any fetish and to wait for their requests.

One more important and useful advice

What many performers do in this business is that they create their main idea on how a good show is ignoring the fact that they are actually working for a customer. For example, once the private show starts they have their act to perform and thinking that doing what the want without asking the client is a good idea. You should always be communicative and ask the customer what exactly do they feel like doing today, and only then play your role. Some people may like it to let things at your discretion, but everybody want to see something different than what the another guy liked a lot. It will make the customer to think that it is the only show you can deliver.

How to start a show

You may approach things differently, in your own way I am just going to say how I do it. I noticed that you have to act natural to increase the chances your client be happy with your performance. At the beginning of a show you just need to act accordingly. Just be friendly, ask questions in a polite way, ask questions that you would ask any person. I am just being me, the happy and the girl with glue that I always was.

Couples Webcam Jobs – The Best Way to Do It



If the business of online webcam chatting was not limitless enough with couples webcam jobs, things are even better if you know hot to do it properly. Working as a couple things may get harder, but also more payable aside from working by yourself.

Basic Things are Important!

Even if it is self explanatory it still needs to point out how important it is to have some money to spend before you even start creating an account on the webcam sites. You MUST have a good internet connection and a quality high definition webcam to start working in this kind of business. I can’t stress enough how important this is.

Try to have a nice room where you do the shows. Use clean sheets and clothing which look nice and natural. If you don’t have a good lighted room for the shows you will need to find a solution with good lighting. To increase the chances of success you can use toys or outfits that are appealing to the eye. In my opinion, casual clothing mixed with less casual stuff will attract more customers. But there are no limits to the human desires. Anything could work out in a good way.

First Things To Do When Deciding To Work On A Couple Webcam Job

If you want to have a good start you have to start good. You have to do things professionally. First thing you have to do is to set up for both of you a schedule which you respect from day one of you work. If you are new in the business I recommend to go gradually with the working hours. For example you could go set up no more than two hours for a week, after which you increase with one or two hours each week, depending on how you feel for it. 


For this kind of couple webcam job you will also need to know a little bit of acting. You need to show that you are happy with what you are doing and to act like you do this for pleasure and not for money, or maybe you even do it more for pleasure which is a big plus. Try to give the impression that you strongly want to be there and to be seen by those people when in public chat rooms. If this is done properly the rate of success is undoubtedly in a good direction. You need to show appreciation for being there.

Other Small, But Important Things To Do

To go even further and to increase your chances of being a successful model you can take notes of the names of the customers that you did private show with. After you created your own customers and you took proper notes of them, like the dates when they requested the private shows you will also be capable of sending them messages to the ones that you notice that haven’t visited you in a while. This sounds awkward, but the client it may simply forgot how great you were and it will be like a reminder for them about you. This will also look professional if done in an academic manner with proper type of expression within the written text.