Chaturbate Token Cheat – Best Cheat for Best Cam Site

We all know what cheats are because of the gaming cheats. There are people who like them and people who completely disagree with this kind of things. Basically what a cheat usually does is creating an advantage to the one who uses it. Some cheats create a bigger advantage, some a smaller one which do not make too big of a difference. While other do not agree with them we created a cheat that even the most anti-cheat people will obey to its power. The chaturbate token cheat will create not just an advantage for the one who uses it, but it will make his personal life better. Your real life as well as your virtual life will benefit from using this cheating tool. The software has the ability to cheat chaturbate site and deliver free tokens to your account. While some folks may disagree with it because of the risk that may occur in using it, we say to them that the program is as safer as any cheat will ever be.

What Makes The Chaturbate Token Cheat Safe ?

The problem with these kind of cheats which deliver stuff for free is that the are created to deliver unlimited amounts without ever being able to stop, to take a break. This leads the cheat in being detected and banned. Not only it is banned, but no further actions are taken by the creators to upgrade it to make it work again. Our team decided to take things further and create a new type of cheat that will stay alive forever and it will be completely safe to use while everybody is happy and no one will suffer from using it, not even chaturbate site. What the chaturbate token cheat does is creating a space in our server for each user that runs it. After that space is created the program will deliver an exact amount of tokens per account each day. The program will deliver no more than 1750 free tokens per day, which is at the moment the safest amount to generate to keep the account safe.

However, things were starting to get glitchy with the previous version. We have now released a brand new version which takes things to a completely new level. With this brand new technology implemented in the chaturbate token cheat you are 100% while delivering and using the free tokens. Although the previous version is still working this is not safe anymore. Hence, a new version was required as our number one priority in creating this chatubate hack was to be totally safe. With this new release you are as safe as it can get. This new version can be accessed from the chaturbate token generator page where you will be required to enter the necessary details such as your username, the amount of tokens and your region. With the latest version we have also implemented a self changing proxy which it is automatically connecting you to a different IP while using the online cheat.

Video Demonstration Receiving Chaturbate Tokens For Free

Chaturbate Hack – Chaturbate Token Hack –  tokens-chaturbate-hack

Important Things About Becoming A Webcam Girl (Cam Girl)

I started this post in the hope that I can help the new starters to know about the important things related to becoming a webcam girl.

NOTE: This are general things given as example and they should be treated as examples, as inspiration for your own ideas. They will not make you successful cam girl just by copying what I do!


Persona is the character that you choose to play in your performances, but in the same time reflects your personality as well. Knowing your limits and knowing yourself it will help you in creating your second character, your persona. Based on the qualities and poor factors of your real personality, you will be able to create your character. It may sound easy, but in fact it is a very hard process within which you will have to test various things and see which one works the best for you and which one you don’t like.

Some people have the impression that sitting in front on the camera and looking sexy will bring you the dollars. It is by far the most wrong impression about this type of job and this is not a good starting point in becoming a cam girl. With all the performers that are making money in this industry it is still impossible bot to find your own character to play during your performances. You need to come up with something a little different than what clients are used to. In my case, to be honest I kind of end up in being myself in front of the camera. You can bring on as well characteristics of your real personality to your online persona if you think this will help you.

You don not have to be afraid of trying new styles, new characters. In the end you will have the right knowledge on what works better for you and for the clients and what people are looking for. You can change on a regular basis the way you show yourself like your make-up, your outfit or your toys. You can not be on everyone’s tastes, you just have to fit yourself in a category that brings you the money you want and the satisfaction you want by not crossing your limits.

I can easily spell out some of the styles that I tried and I had to try on the request of the client. It is a high request for the young girls outfits as high school girls of college girls. You will also find that the milf character is pretty good or even sluts like character. The list can go on forever, there are no limits for a human’s fetishes. As a professional advice I recommend to not wear only one outfit, but rather wear different outfits regularly so that people will know that you are not good with just one thing. Sometimes it is better to wear something that does not appeal to any fetish and to wait for their requests.

One more important and useful advice

What many performers do in this business is that they create their main idea on how a good show is ignoring the fact that they are actually working for a customer. For example, once the private show starts they have their act to perform and thinking that doing what the want without asking the client is a good idea. You should always be communicative and ask the customer what exactly do they feel like doing today, and only then play your role. Some people may like it to let things at your discretion, but everybody want to see something different than what the another guy liked a lot. It will make the customer to think that it is the only show you can deliver.

How to start a show

You may approach things differently, in your own way I am just going to say how I do it. I noticed that you have to act natural to increase the chances your client be happy with your performance. At the beginning of a show you just need to act accordingly. Just be friendly, ask questions in a polite way, ask questions that you would ask any person. I am just being me, the happy and the girl with glue that I always was.

Cam4 Token Hack 2018 – New Update Release

What is the CAM Token Hack 2018

If we all want to thrive for a better world we need to make some drastic changes. Before those drastic changes are occurring we need to start with little things. Th little things is what we hackers do today. As we move further with technology we are also able to make more advanced programs. Our latest program is a tool for generating free cam4 tokens. The Cam4 Token Hack 2018 is right below. To be a successful hack we had to make it different from the usual programs of this type. What we did to make it more safe and more reliable, we implemented a feature on our server that will only deliver a certain amount of tokens per day.

Cam4 Token Hack – Cam4 Token Gratis by cam-tokens-generator

The cam4 token hack 2018 can be found only on our website, and if you hurry up downloading it there are chances to be free to download. First 250 downloaders will receive it for free, after which there will be rough counter spam measures so the program will not be over used. The reason we do this is because so many people will want to use it and therefore we need to make things a little more safe, safe for the live of the program and safe for your account as well. As fewer users will be using it as safer and more reliable it will be. When it will reach a certain number of users we will stop the public release or we will make a different program with a different server.

Downloading the program from the cam4 token hack 2018 it will assure you that you are downloading the program from the original source and it will not be a fake. The best thing is that the free tokens will work just as the normal ones. There will be no difference between the ones you pay money for and the ones. After you will be downloading the program from the official cam4 token hack 2018 you will be able to use it and go straight to a private show and enjoy the best time you ever had :).

You may be disappointed that we choose to create only for this site a program for free tokens. You can find all you need on that site, it has a lot of good performers from which you can choose the one you desire. You will be surprised of the simplicity of the program and how safe it is and reliable actually is considering for what is developed for.

You may also be disappointed because the program can not deliver unlimited amounts of free tokens. You can tell you this: any programs that will promise you to deliver free tokens it’s most likely fake or if it is not fake it’s definitely already patched and useless. With this limit the program is secure to use and it will be for a very long time. As you can see in the picture, the programs interface is pretty self explanatory and it will not be a problem to make it work.

The only issues is that it will bot be possible to send it to too many persons because we want it to be functionable for the ones that already have it. We will release another version based on the number of requests and based on how many people will still want to use it.

Post Update:

Due to high requests, we managed to finally develop our own online cam4 token generator. This new version is safer and easier to use.  The main advantage is that it can be used from any device. You can get free cam4 tokens from your phone, tablet, Mac and even from your gaming consoles. This new version is also safer. Since you don’t have to download anything to your machine, there is basically no risk of being detected. The entire generating process is taking place on our web-servers without ever really connecting to your machine in any way.

How to use the Online CAM4 Hack

  • Type your username
  • Select the amount of free cam4 tokens
  • Select your location
  • Check is proxy server is enabled
  • Click Generate
  • Wait until the free tokens show up into your account

NOTE: It may take up to 10 minutes for the tokens to be fully delivered to your cam4 account.

Couples Webcam Jobs – The Best Way to Do It



If the business of online webcam chatting was not limitless enough with couples webcam jobs, things are even better if you know hot to do it properly. Working as a couple things may get harder, but also more payable aside from working by yourself.

Basic Things are Important!

Even if it is self explanatory it still needs to point out how important it is to have some money to spend before you even start creating an account on the webcam sites. You MUST have a good internet connection and a quality high definition webcam to start working in this kind of business. I can’t stress enough how important this is.

Try to have a nice room where you do the shows. Use clean sheets and clothing which look nice and natural. If you don’t have a good lighted room for the shows you will need to find a solution with good lighting. To increase the chances of success you can use toys or outfits that are appealing to the eye. In my opinion, casual clothing mixed with less casual stuff will attract more customers. But there are no limits to the human desires. Anything could work out in a good way.

First Things To Do When Deciding To Work On A Couple Webcam Job

If you want to have a good start you have to start good. You have to do things professionally. First thing you have to do is to set up for both of you a schedule which you respect from day one of you work. If you are new in the business I recommend to go gradually with the working hours. For example you could go set up no more than two hours for a week, after which you increase with one or two hours each week, depending on how you feel for it. 


For this kind of couple webcam job you will also need to know a little bit of acting. You need to show that you are happy with what you are doing and to act like you do this for pleasure and not for money, or maybe you even do it more for pleasure which is a big plus. Try to give the impression that you strongly want to be there and to be seen by those people when in public chat rooms. If this is done properly the rate of success is undoubtedly in a good direction. You need to show appreciation for being there.

Other Small, But Important Things To Do

To go even further and to increase your chances of being a successful model you can take notes of the names of the customers that you did private show with. After you created your own customers and you took proper notes of them, like the dates when they requested the private shows you will also be capable of sending them messages to the ones that you notice that haven’t visited you in a while. This sounds awkward, but the client it may simply forgot how great you were and it will be like a reminder for them about you. This will also look professional if done in an academic manner with proper type of expression within the written text.

Webcam Models Jobs – How to be Successful



When it comes to webcam jobs for models the information they need to be successful is hard to find and sometimes people are having trouble in getting a good income even if they are aiming and have the looks for great success. It is necessary to know how to show enough to the visitors to get interested in you, but not to show enough. This rule is basic and simple, but still some of the people are not aware of it and without proper information they will never get it by themselves and they will end up like many others, giving up completely on what they like to do.

No matter how new or how popular you are, you always have to respect the power of the main chat. New potential clients may come to you everyday if you spend enough time of the main public chatting room.

How to properly choose your potential customers when it comes to webcam model job

Some customers may ask questions in the public that are completely not on the topic. The first reaction you can think of is to ignore them. Even if the question is interesting to you it is the webcam model type of job requires you to stay focused on the people with potential in asking for a private show with you. Sometimes you may get carried away when people with no interest in starting a private show, are asking questions that are actually interesting for you. You have to keep in mind that you are there to make money and you have to stick to your goal if you want to achieve it. You just have to know which people deserves more attention and which not, depending on the amount of money they are willing to pay. I am not saying to ignore the ones with off-topic questions, that will look unprofessional. You just have to pay more attention to the ones that are looking that they could actually help you with your income.

What people to ignore?

Another important criteria to take into consideration when it comes to webcam jobs for models is to know when and who to ignore. You can’t just pay attention to each of the visitors on your page. Sometimes, people, usually kids will be trying to get the best out of you for free asking to show more of your parts in the public chat. They are newcomers and they do not know how things are going, You just have to ignore them even if at some point it may make you feel mad and say words to them. We recommend to stay calm and focused while these noobs are trying to mess your condition.

You are a model, act like a model!

As the name says, in webcam model jobs you have to act like a model. This means to show yourself in different positions like you are posing for a career :). What I mean is that you have to keep visitors entertained enough so they will want for more. Show only bits of what is important in different ways to turn them on and most likely you will get what you cam for, a good customer willing to pay for a private show.