Couples Webcam Jobs – The Best Way to Do It



If the business of online webcam chatting was not limitless enough with couples webcam jobs, things are even better if you know hot to do it properly. Working as a couple things may get harder, but also more payable aside from working by yourself.

Basic Things are Important!

Even if it is self explanatory it still needs to point out how important it is to have some money to spend before you even start creating an account on the webcam sites. You MUST have a good internet connection and a quality high definition webcam to start working in this kind of business. I can’t stress enough how important this is.

Try to have a nice room where you do the shows. Use clean sheets and clothing which look nice and natural. If you don’t have a good lighted room for the shows you will need to find a solution with good lighting. To increase the chances of success you can use toys or outfits that are appealing to the eye. In my opinion, casual clothing mixed with less casual stuff will attract more customers. But there are no limits to the human desires. Anything could work out in a good way.

First Things To Do When Deciding To Work On A Couple Webcam Job

If you want to have a good start you have to start good. You have to do things professionally. First thing you have to do is to set up for both of you a schedule which you respect from day one of you work. If you are new in the business I recommend to go gradually with the working hours. For example you could go set up no more than two hours for a week, after which you increase with one or two hours each week, depending on how you feel for it. 


For this kind of couple webcam job you will also need to know a little bit of acting. You need to show that you are happy with what you are doing and to act like you do this for pleasure and not for money, or maybe you even do it more for pleasure which is a big plus. Try to give the impression that you strongly want to be there and to be seen by those people when in public chat rooms. If this is done properly the rate of success is undoubtedly in a good direction. You need to show appreciation for being there.

Other Small, But Important Things To Do

To go even further and to increase your chances of being a successful model you can take notes of the names of the customers that you did private show with. After you created your own customers and you took proper notes of them, like the dates when they requested the private shows you will also be capable of sending them messages to the ones that you notice that haven’t visited you in a while. This sounds awkward, but the client it may simply forgot how great you were and it will be like a reminder for them about you. This will also look professional if done in an academic manner with proper type of expression within the written text.

Webcam Models Jobs – How to be Successful



When it comes to webcam jobs for models the information they need to be successful is hard to find and sometimes people are having trouble in getting a good income even if they are aiming and have the looks for great success. It is necessary to know how to show enough to the visitors to get interested in you, but not to show enough. This rule is basic and simple, but still some of the people are not aware of it and without proper information they will never get it by themselves and they will end up like many others, giving up completely on what they like to do.

No matter how new or how popular you are, you always have to respect the power of the main chat. New potential clients may come to you everyday if you spend enough time of the main public chatting room.

How to properly choose your potential customers when it comes to webcam model job

Some customers may ask questions in the public that are completely not on the topic. The first reaction you can think of is to ignore them. Even if the question is interesting to you it is the webcam model type of job requires you to stay focused on the people with potential in asking for a private show with you. Sometimes you may get carried away when people with no interest in starting a private show, are asking questions that are actually interesting for you. You have to keep in mind that you are there to make money and you have to stick to your goal if you want to achieve it. You just have to know which people deserves more attention and which not, depending on the amount of money they are willing to pay. I am not saying to ignore the ones with off-topic questions, that will look unprofessional. You just have to pay more attention to the ones that are looking that they could actually help you with your income.

What people to ignore?

Another important criteria to take into consideration when it comes to webcam jobs for models is to know when and who to ignore. You can’t just pay attention to each of the visitors on your page. Sometimes, people, usually kids will be trying to get the best out of you for free asking to show more of your parts in the public chat. They are newcomers and they do not know how things are going, You just have to ignore them even if at some point it may make you feel mad and say words to them. We recommend to stay calm and focused while these noobs are trying to mess your condition.

You are a model, act like a model!

As the name says, in webcam model jobs you have to act like a model. This means to show yourself in different positions like you are posing for a career :). What I mean is that you have to keep visitors entertained enough so they will want for more. Show only bits of what is important in different ways to turn them on and most likely you will get what you cam for, a good customer willing to pay for a private show.

Webcam Girls Make Money – What Sites to Choose

How to not waste your time ?

if you want to make money as a webcam girl and you are in the beginning of your journey there are some serious stuff to take into consideration if you want to have a good go in the business. Instead of trying hard to find a good one for yourself we have tried already for you. We tested by ourselves some of the sites and we also asked some advices for professional cam girls that make money. More important than the amount the site is paying, is the amount of visitors that the site has. There is no point in trying to work for a website which does not have a good flow of visitors.

One of the sites that I recommend to start with is This is a good one for beginners, it may not have a good payout, but they pay in time and it has a decent amount of visitors. Another one of my choices would be with an increased amount of visitors and with good payout. They also pay in time which is one of the things that you want to take into consideration. If you are a newcomer I strongly recommend to go with chaturbate, it has a good reputation for making money as a new cam girl.

For more experienced cam girl making money websites there is no better than Here things are a little more serious as the only way to get paid is by private shows. You have to be more skillful and to know how to convince the possible customers.

How To Get Private Shows To Make Good Money As A Webcam Girl

The simplest and most important rule you need to remember is to always SMILE. Make it look natural as if you are smiling for a friend maybe you are even doing it natural. Try to tease them with your own lines. You can say things like “I really feel in the mood for it, tell me what you want me to do..” or “what would you like to see that you haven’t seen before” – this may be a little risky, but it will look like you know what you are doing and these kind of lines could earn yourself a good customers to visit you on a regular basis. Basically you need to talk dirty, to respond to his desires in a positive way, like saying how you like it and that. Cry out his name like he would be there in the room with you. There are lots of things to say and do, you just need to act natural and like you know why you are there. Do not show any signs of frustration or emotions.



Other stuff to mention to increase your chances of making money and happy customers

Every person is different with different fantasies, so you need to be careful with that. If some guy liked some stuff you can’t do the same thing for another one and expecting to like it. Some guys may just want to talk to you, try to ask the questions to keep with the flow of his interests and his talks. A good advice is to try and watch adult movies and try to copy the reactions and the positions of the girls which are doing themselves. Like position of the head, when to moan, how to moan. It may look awkward, but it is a very effective approach. Try and copy what you see on professional free adult video sites, in terms of self pleasuring and you will sure have a satisfied customer.